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We are a team of highly motivated, international colleagues who like to hold a meeting over a game of ping pong every now and then. - Interested?

We are at the forefront of a rapidly expanding industry, working with cutting-edge technology

  • We believe in thought leadership and build on the expertise of every one of our staff.
  • Agile and flexible to meet market needs, we are constantly evolving to meet new challenges.

Our people are our greatest strength!

  • All our teams are committed and passionate about what we do.
  • Ours is a diverse, multicultural workforce, where everyone brings their own skills and points of view to the business
  • Yes, we work hard! But we still make time to celebrate our achievements with a variety of social events

Develop yourself and your career in a great work environment

  • Our values are not just words – they are part of our daily business life.
  • Emarsys gives you the opportunity to develop your professional career internationally.
  • We embrace talent development by offering training and personal development in a learning-oriented culture.
  • You can make a difference: We give you the chance to make real contributions to changes and developments.

Our culture, Our People, Our Success

Here at Emarsys our people are our most valuable resource.
We believe that the combination of great and diverse people with a fun and rewarding atmosphere,
combined with our collaborative approach, inspires excellence in everything we do.
That’s why it’s so important for us to create an environment for our employees
to enjoy their work and progress their careers at the same time.

We are
We are
We are one We succeed together, and we work together as one team to solve challenges. We communicate openly and directly; we confront and overcome problems rather than ignoring them.
We are
We are
We are passionate We believe in what we do, we take a firm opinion on what we believe is right, and we ensure that our passion is directed towards creating value for our customers.
We never
We never
We never settle We do not settle for ok or good, we want great, we want the best. We do not cut corners, but work to guarantee great delivery of every product.
We love
We love
We love customers Customers are our lifeblood - the reason for our existence. There's nothing better than having a happy customer, and nothing worse than a dissatisfied one.
We always
We always
We always innovate We think outside the box. From products to processes, procedures to our physical space, and in all walks of life. This applies not only to management, but to every individual, to initiate, strive to innovate, and improve by developing creative ideas into revolutionary results.
We embrace
We embrace
We embrace tomorrow We need to be faster, better, and change at a pace quicker than our industry. We cease to exist when we stop evolving and embracing change as the opportunity it is.


The faces behind our technology

How our leadership team views Emarsys

Check our departments to
find your perfect fit

We love new Technology Technology & Software Development
Guide the Innovation Product Management
Driving new Business Marketing & Sales
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Technology & Software Development

To drive our technology forward we have several departments focused on technology and development. Each of these has highly qualified and skilled people who are specialists in different areas. As part of one of our technology teams you will help to continually develop and optimize our software to provide exceptional products for our clients, and you’ll be encouraged to innovate and solve problems creatively.
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Product Management

Great products need great product management. This means overseeing the development of new products from concept to commercial release. Meeting customers, analyzing the market and competitors, investigating new technology and working closely with development teams to specify new features – these are just some of the ways our product managers keep busy. If you are a natural planner, a good organiser and insightful enough to forsee future needs and create innovative products that fit our corporate strategy, then this is the department for you!
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Marketing & Sales

The Sales and Marketing departments work side by side to bring our technology to our customers. Marketing drives new opportunities towards sales with events, digital marketing, informative content and other lead-generation activities. Sales then interacts with those leads to turn them into future customers. Both departments have the same goal - to generate business for the company - and they are key to our ongoing success. If you have a knack for understanding people, identifying what they need and using your skills to generate sales, we want to hear from you!
Keep the Engine running INTERNAL SERVICES
Feeling Creative AGENCY SERVICES
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Our clients’ satisfaction and success are at the heart of everything we do at Emarsys. We deal with their everyday enquiries, drive adoption of new products and provide consulting to ensure they get the best possible ROI from using our platform. If you are passionate about interacting with clients, making their success and satisfaction your own personal goal, then joining one of the Client Services roles is the right choice for you.
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Supporting the company in the day-to-day business requires a strong foundation. Our Internal Services departments include Human Resources and Finance, as well as Administrative and IT Support, and provide the infrastructure essential for successful business development on a daily basis.
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Agency Services

For some clients, our full service agency assists them in making their online marketing activities more efficient, effective and, most importantly, profitable. Responsible for content and graphic design, they are involved in every stage from conceptualisation to realisation. If you have an eye for the aesthetic and enjoy the opportunity to be creative, you could be a great fit here.

Meet our People

Alexander Bekhterev

Digital Project Manager

“Human capital is what makes Emarsys so successful and truly different. In Emarsys family, everyone’s voice is heard, everyone has an impact, and the whole team performs above and beyond call of duty.”

Isabel Wong

Client Support Team Leader

“Emarsys provides a variety of career development opportunities and the motivation to advance.”

Dakota Davis

Regional Marketing Manager

“I come to work energized and excited about my day and I leave the day energized by the intelligent and motivated people that I work with. I am truly blessed to call Emarsys my work home.”

Becky Tsang

Professional Services Director

“Emarsys is an energetic and fast growing company which provides lots of opportunities; I really enjoy working here.”

Gorka Garcia

Head of Testing

“We develop one of the most specialized and innovative software products around the world, and I’m very proud to take part in it.”

Andrea Kaszta

Team Leader Implementations

“The team is amazing at Emarsys! There is always someone to learn from, to discuss with or to laugh with. It’s the best place to grow professionally.”

Stefan Schmid

Sales Director

“Regular training and team events, flat hierarchies, a highly attractive salary scheme and a company-wide team spirit inspire me to give my best every day.”

André Ebert

Team Leader Custom Integrations

“Working at Emarsys is both challenging and thrilling, work is never boring and we can always learn and use the newest development techniques in a great team.”

Shanice Tang

Customer Experience Consultant

“Emarsys not only shows you how to engage with our customers, we also engage with our local and overseas colleagues, and even top management around the world.”